Statement / Exhibitions

My main expressive channel is collage, using analog cuts from contemporary art, design and architecture, porn and cooking magazines. I feel at ease with already thought images that someone else already composed, in an appropriate context and with a precise message.  I like forcing these objects of desire to coexist together, no matter how high or low the impulses they move can be. Sometimes works are built effortlessly with few cuts, some other times a more rich imagery is needed. When that’s the case, my aim is to construct an interior landscape, a place where high and low impulses are welcome to coexist. Food cravings, hunger for sex, beautiful architectural structures or design objects and sometimes art are all living under the same human roof. I feel the need of stratification, contradiction and complexity, so I create dimensions that don’t make sense prospectically, where no hierarchy or order is needed and things just fit in.


Simone Brizzi was born in 1986 in Rho, graduated in Materials Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and worked in Berlin and Cottbus as a scientist in the field of applied physics, with a focus on thin film deposition by CVD and ALD, XPS, XAS and resPES characterization, performed at synchrotron facility Bessy II. He is currently based in Berlin, where he is part of the 9xE collective since 2015.

Solo shows:


Fckprsm! / There Is No Secret!, bipersonal with Mattia Noal, Formwerke, Frankfurt

Collective shows:


Voll!,, Berlin


Moabit Stories II, ZK-U, Berlin